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Great you found us! So what is Smart Metering about?

Back in May 2007 the government published a white paper on meeting the challenge of energy reduction; this was a direct result of the EU issuing a white paper on energy reduction.

The upshot of this is the need to reduce our carbon footprint and the commitments are now being made to do this. A key part of the reduction in CO2 emissions will be the introduction of smart metering across the whole country by the year 2020. The roll out of the meters has started already and the initial results have been great.

The results to date have between a 5-10% saving on your energy usage/spend, so you are saving money as well as starting to reduce your CO2 emissions, the question you need to ask is 'How do I get on board?' Simply email us from our Contact page and we will be happy to go through more detail on this.

The added bonus also is the need no longer to have estimated bills; after installing a smart meter all further bills will be accurate and in real time allowing you to budget effectively and eradicating those huge bills that arrive sometime when the meter is finally read and it turns out you have used more than expected. It really is a win/win.


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