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Providor covers a wide range of Industrial and Commercial metering and gas applications. We design, manufacture, install and project manage both bespoke jobs and large scale I & C exchange programs with versatile capabilities throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Amongst our highly skilled and competent engineers we have Low Pressure, Medium Pressure and Intermediate Pressure qualifications.

Most bespoke jobs or exchange program work will begin with a survey this enables us to make the right planning decisions and order correct materials making the onsite component of the job run smoother with limited disruption to gas supply. For more info visit our site surveys page.

For large I & C projects we offer a project management service. Our project manager will be your first port of call for all you planning needs and our dedicated planners will co-ordinate your whole project for maximum efficiency. For more info visit our Planning and Project Management page.

For the bespoke jobs and more unusual exchange work we have a system design team, who will look in depth at your gas requirements and design a meter module to suit your needs, using state of the art 3D technology. This system design can form part of your project managed package. For more info visit our System Design page.

If we can offer assistance to you on this or if you have any query, please contact us by telephone on 01223 495780 or email us from our Contact Page.

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